Cruisin’ the Creek

SAND CREEK festival, inc. PRESENTS

Cruisin The Creek

Cruisin’ THE Creek


Saturday, July 8

10:00 am – 3:00

5:00 & (6:00)

Cruise Times:

History of Newton Tour: 10:00, 10:45, 11:30, 12:15

Story Time Tour: 1:15, 2:00, 2:45, 3:30

Stogie and a Sipper Tour: 5:00 – (6:00?)

Here is your chance to take a thirty minute tour, a thirty minute tour… Now, let’s hope there’s no rough weather or that the pontoon boat will be tossed ashore on some tropic deserted isle! But there will be a courageous crew running the boat and giving you a brief history of Newton and a more comedic later tour.

Morning Tours: These tours will be hosted by the Harvey County Historical Museum. The museum celebrates the common history and cultural diversity of the Newton community. The host speaker will give a history of Newton by sharing informational data and stories of the past.

Afternoon Tours: These tours will comprise of music and entertainment from some of Newton’s ‘celebrities’.

Stogie, a Sipper & a Singer Cruise: Enjoy a casual 45 minute cruise while smoking a cigar and sipping on a cold one, while listening to live music!

  • Tickets: $20.
  • The package will include, one cigar and either two beers or two glasses of wine (to be prechosen on application form) and a live musician.
  • Only ten people will be allowed on cruise.
  • If the cruise fills up a second cruise will be initiated. (only two cruises will be made available)
  • 21+ years of age only allowed on cruise.
  • ID’s will be checked
  • No alcohol permitted to be brought on the boat or taken off the boat.
  • No intoxicated individuals will be allowed on the cruise.

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