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Farm Bureau Finanical Jason High
Mariachi Madnezz (small)

Time:  10:00 am

Mariachi Los Reyes

Mariachi Los Reyes will jump start our festival like never before! Who needs coffee when you will be uplifted by the glorious sounds of horns and strings ringing out in the park.

¡Que Viva el Mariachi!

Mexican mariachi music is made to move you. It is direct, driving, and designed to instill emotion. Happy, sad, proud, angry, desolate, romance-stricken, and rebellious are some of the moods inspired by its extroverted singers, suave harmonies, and romping rhythms. “Mariachi” means a certain repertoire of music, a special grouping of instruments, and a distinctive style of singing that create an unmistakable sound unique in the world. It has special meaning for many Mexican Americans as an emblem of their cultural heritage and a source of pride and community connections. And since the days of the Chicano Movement beginning in the 1960s, it has become a movimiento of its own, attracting millions of fans and music makers throughout the USA.



Magical Myztery Shoe Small
Koehn Painting-01
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Krueger Insurance

Time:  11:30 am

The Magical Myztery Show welcomes the magic of Eric Vaughn to the Farm Bureau Stage!

With a performing career that extends over nineteen years and a client list of arts councils, major corporations and festivals around the Midwest, Eric Vaughn is one of the busiest magicians in the country. His slightly wacky, comedic performance style keeps his audiences laughing and scratching their heads at the same time. After winning the “Magician of the Year” award from the Kansas City ring of the International Brotherhood of Magicians in 2001, Eric’s magic career took off; keeping him on the road several months of the year. Eric’s passion for magic started when he was ten years old and he has never looked back. He loves what he does and always has as much fun performing as the audience does watching his performance.  Eric focuses on delivering amazing magic with a funny, light hearted approach creating a truly memorable experience for audiences of all ages.

Eric loves what he does and always has as much fun performing as the audience does watching his performance. “I laugh and have a great time with my volunteers and that always puts everyone at ease.” Eric focuses on delivering amazing magic with a funny, light hearted approach to create a truly memorable experience for the audience as well as the client. Eric’s has built an outstanding reputation by performing for all sizes of events and he delivers the funny, high quality, blow-your-mind magical entertainment that one would expect.


The Great Brain Freeze Small
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Somers, Robb & Robb

Time:  12:30 pm

Icecream bowl

“Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, welcome to this spectacular, third annual ice cream eating contest! This will certainly be the greatest Brain Freeze Newton has ever seen. See, or be, one of FOUR finalists to attempt the impossible; to eat their weight in ice cream!”

Well, maybe not their weight, but as much as possible for a chance to win the giant coveted trophy! How do you get your name in the hopper for a chance to be drawn as a contestant? It’s simple, submit your name below for the chance to be three of the four eating the most frozen bowls of yumminess in two minutes… AND freeze your brain! The Defending champion always has chair at the table to defend their honor. If for some reason, they do not show up, we will choose one person out of the crowd!

Then after witnessing The Great Brain Freeze Contest the audience can cool down with a FREE frozen treat in the heat of August. What more can you ask for in life? IT’S FREE ICE CREAM IN AUGUST!


The Not So Newlywedz Game
Greg Johnson Constrution

Time:  1:30 pm

Newlywed Game

Sand Creek Summer Daze is putting a spin on the classic Newlyweds game. Much like the game show of old, four couples who have been married for over five years, will compete against each other. The couples will answer questions about their relationship in a series of revealing question rounds to determine how well the spouses STILL know or do not know each other. We invite you to come and enjoy the hilarities as these loveable couples compete for the grand prize.

Out of the Hypnotic Haze (new small)
mark boston
Cornerstone Law Group

Time:  3:00 pm

Brad Clark

Out of the Hypnotic Haze welcomes Brad Clark to the Farm Bureau Stage.

Brad has traveled the country entertaining thousands of people with his comedy hypnosis shows as the Hypnotist Unleashed. You will never see the same show twice because every show has stage full of new entertainers. It’s all real and you have the opportunity to experience the state of hypnosis on stage or from your seat in the audience.

“The subconscious mind does not know the difference from what is real or vividly imagined” says Brad. This is what allows anyone from housewives to professional athletes to achieve what ever they can imagine. “I help thousands of people open up their imagination and visualize the things that they want to achieve and experience.” This hour long show will will delight an audience of all ages.

Brad has performed for the Improv Comedy Club, the American Cancer Society and many more organizations and educational institutions.