Floating Flotilla Parade

SAND CREEK festival, inc. PRESENTS

The Sand creek summer daze flotilla parade


Friday, August 15, 2019

5:30 pm


Come join us on Friday for the Floating Flotilla Parade and watch Sand Creek Charlie, the honorary festival leader and protector of Sand Creek, lead the ceremony to kick of the 2019 Sand Creek Summer Daze Festival.

This year’s Floating Flotilla Parade will be wetter and wilder than ever. The theme of this years parade is Pirates On Sand Creek!  Enter a float for FREE and decorate your craft to your own “Curse of Sand Creek” theme. The more crafts participating, the more fun this event will be! A $250 prize will be given to the best decorated and themed boat on the creek!

We will be floating around 5:30 pm starting from the 1st Street bridge to the Broadway bridge then back to the 4th street boat ramp, where Sand Creek Charlie will disembark, give his words of wisdom and fire off the cannon to kick off this year’s festival.

If you can’t enter your own craft, then partake of the fun by watching from the banks of the creek. We encourage businesses to enter or sponsor crafts, as well as churches, clubs and organizations as well.

There are no specifications on the type of craft, but it must be seaworthy and can move forward in a timely manner. Motorized vehicles are allowed and can only be on the creek for the parade and must be taken out immediately after. A life jacket must be on the craft for each sailor and all on the craft must be 14 or older. Crafts can be made of anything which is deemed safe by festival organizers. It would be best to have festival organizers inspect the craft a few days or weeks prior to launch day just in case. You don’t want to go through all the hard work to find the craft not acceptable! Remember, we are celebrating Sand Creek and we would like to keep it pollution free.

Simply click HERE to fill out the form to enter your craft in this year’s floating flotilla. All participants must fill out and sign a release form the day of and bring it to the parade administrator.