Monumental Muztachio Contest

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the monumental muztachio contest


Saturday, August 17, 2019

Time: 10:30 Registration

Time: 11:00 Competition Begins

Cost to Enter: $TBA

The second Magnificent Muztachio Contest is bound to be truly amazing! Anyone is welcome to watch or compete. Once again the Bearded Monkey Social Club will run this classic competition for us. They have held competitions all over Wichita and surrounding areas and have raised many dollars for charities in Kansas. Some of these charities include. Heartspring, Paw It Forward, Lexi’s Lambs, the Movember Foundation, Ronald McDonald House and Red Dirt Military Moms.

All the proceeds of entries for this event will go to charity through the Bearded Monkey Social Club.

Anyone can walk up on site the day of. As a matter of fact a winner last year did just that.

To see how to grow and follow the specific guidelines for the categories listed above, click HERE to see all the info and rules you may need. To enter the contest, simply show up 30 minutes before the contest begins to pay and fill out entry form.