The Saucy & Glazed BBQ Competition

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Jeffery Graber
Adrian & Pankratz

the saucy & glazed bbq competition


Friday, July 9, 2021

* Public Tasting Competition – 5:30 to 7:00 pm

* Public Tasting Awards Ceremony – 8:00 (Area 3 Main Concert Stage)


Saturday, July 10th – KCBS Competition

* Awards: Saturday – 3:00 pm (Area 5 – Koehn Painting BBQ Stage)

Competitors Info

It is easy to compete in this KCBS sanctioned competition with over $5500 in prize money to be won, whether you are an amateur or a professional.


Registration Fees:

* $175    Entry fee if participating in People’s Choice

* $200   Entry fee if NOT participating in People’s Choice

Additional Options Fees:

* $25     Electricity

* Registration fee includes four (4) festival buttons. The competition will be held outside the festival gates in 2020 with direct access to the east festival gate.


Competition Notes:

* Competition will be limited to 30 teams.

* Electricity will be provided for an additional $25 fee. If paying online, please add the option on the drop down for the full fee. Non-electric teams will be placed together in the competition for logistical reasons. 120v power supply is available no farther than 50’ from each space. Bring your own extension cords.

* The Peoples Choice Competition on Friday night is optional, but encouraged, for all teams. We hope that all teams participate in this event. Last year this was one of the top-rated events of the entire festival! We have listened to participating teams and explored better ways to host this event and we hope that the new guidelines make this a more fair and easier event for the teams and festival goers. Teams are asked to prepare exactly 150 servings off their own menu to pass out in 2 oz sample sizes (cups provided by the festival). The meat can be precooked then warmed up for convenience. To encourage participation, teams who select to participate will receive $25 off of their registration fee. The prize money for the Public Tasting will be $500 for the grand prize and $250 for the runner-up!

     * Sampling and public voting will be more regulated this year, with tickets matching the number of available samples, sampling wristbands and a unique voting tokens.

     * Larger trash receptacles and more small receptacles will be made available this year

     * Ice will be available for sale

* Please complete your online registration in full and when you request cooking spots,  please be fair with the size of your rig and serving tents. We could be limited on space and ask each team to choose reasonably. We will have 16′ for small teams, 24′ for medium rigs/teams and 32′ for large rigs. All spots have 15′-18′ for depth. If space is available after final deadline, we will make sure teams are comfortable with the amount of space each team receives. Saucy & Glazed BBQ Competition staff will park each contestant as they see fit.



Brisket, Pork Shoulder, Pork Ribs & Chicken


Prize Money: $5625


Grand Champion — $750

Reserve Grand Champion — $400

Third Place – $250

Fourth Place – $200

Fifth Place – $150

Sixth Place – $100

Seventh Place – $75

Eighth Place – $50

Ninth Place – $50

Tenth Place – $50

Meat Categories

Category 1st place — $275 x4

Category 2nd place — $175 x4

Category 3rd place — $125 x4

Category 4th place — $75 x4

Category 5th place — $50 x4

People’s Choice Competition

People’s Choice Winner — $500

People’s Choice Runner-up — $250

Competitor’s Schedule

Thursday, July 8, 2021:

Teams may enter parking lot and set up their rigs from 4:00-8:00 pm. (no security will be provided Thursday evening)


Friday, July 9, 2021:

8:00 am – 5:00 – Move in time (access to the park will be closed at 5:00)

5:10 – Team captains check in meeting

5:30 – Gates open & public judging begins (teams ready to serve)

7:00  – People’s Choice event ends and festival kick-off and concert begins

9:00 – People’s Choice Awards announced on concert stage


Saturday, July 10, 2021:

Noon – Meat turn-ins begin

3:00 – Award Presentation

3:30 – Tear down and move out


KCBS Website:   Click Here

KCBS Rules:   Click Here


Payment & Entry Form

Registration deadline is midnight, Friday, July 2. After this deadline, registration fees will all go up $25 for all categories.

For more information, contact Jeffrey Graber at

*** NOTE: We will refund your full entry fee if we are forced to cancel this event due to Covid 19 & government order. ***