The Great Belly Flop Fiasco

Event Sponsors:

First Church of God

The Great Belly Flop Fiasco


Saturday, TBA, 2021

11:00 am

City Pool

This will be Newton’s grand daddy of all belly flop contests! It is so simple as you try to achieve TWO SIMPLE OBJECTIVES! One, create the largest splash of water that a human can possibly make! We are talking the meteor strike that killed the dinosaurs big or an H-Bomb in the ocean big!! Second, and this is probably the most important, to create that blood curdling sound of water meeting bare skin terrific! That gut wrenching “umph” of water having no place to go and screaming through your body loud! We are talking the melding of chlorine and water into a gas that sounds like seals screaming for dinner loud! Do you understand now what we are talking about?

OK, so here are the rules to the 2020 contest… there are none! There are no diving boards, or high dives either. This event is simply from a safe 18″ platform. This is an open contest, male or female, old or young. Everyone is in one category for all the marble. AND HOW MUCH ARE THE MARLBES? how about $100 worth!

We will limit the event to the first TEN who enter. Entry details will be added to the page in late spring!