The Kidz Q’

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The Kidz Q’


Saturday, August 17, 2019

Time: 12:30 pm – 3:00 pm


The Kidz Q’

Along with the Saucy & Glazed BBQ Contest, the 2019 Sand Creek Summer Daze Festival will include a kids BBQ contest. The Newton Rotary will sponsor and host this event on Saturday of the festival. Ten kids, ages 7-14 will compete to be the King or Queen of the Kidz Q’ with the top three places being paid out.

Here’s how it works. The first ten kids to sign up will earn a spot in the competition. There will be a small entry fee to participate. The top three places will be paid out. Each participant may have only one parent or sponsor in the cooking area for safety during the event. The kids will be cooking 1.5 pounds of hamburger seasoned and cooked by them. (basically 1-2 patties)

Entry Information:
Deadline for entry is Wednesday August 13th, at midnight. This is a free event to the first ten kids! Each entry will receive two (2) buttons before Friday, Aug 16th; one for the child and one for the parent or guardian who will be assisting the child during the contest. These are for entry into the Sand Creek Summer Daze Festival. Additionally, each entry will receive their protein (hamburger) and a limited amount of specific supplies (see below for further detail). CLICK HERE to enter. Put Parent/Guardian name, email address, phone #,  child’s name & age. Also print and fill out all forms on page and bring with you to the event.



First Place:      $100

Second Place:   $75

Third Place:      $50


Schedule of Events:

Saturday, August 17th, 2019 (Schedule subject to change)
11:15 – Check-in  (The check in table is in Area 3 of the festival under the Rotary tent)
12:00 – Cooks meeting  (at check-in table)
Once checked in, children MUST stay within the sectioned off area. Meat and boxes will be handed out at this time. Grills and charcoal will be provided.
12:30 – Start grills and begin cooking
1:45 – Turn-in sample by the kids at the check in table
2:45 – Judging completed
3:00 – The Kidz Q’ Awards will start off the Saucy & Glazed BBQ Competition Awards Ceremony


1. Check-in will be done at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, August 17th.

2. All Kids Q’ Competitors must have a parent or guardian present.

3. Hamburger will be provided by the event sponsors. All submissions for the competition MUST use the hamburger provided by the event sponsors.

4. Only one adult assistant and one junior cook will be allowed in the cooking area. All other family members MUST stay outside the cooking area. Once admitted the child and adult supervisor must stay within the cooking area until the child has turned in his/her box. (Suggestion: bring a folding chair)

5. Adults – NO alcohol or tobacco in the preparation and cooking areas.

6. Please bring your own table for food preparation. (4-6ft tables recommended. Bring your own utensils, seasonings and marinades. Please bring food service gloves for your child to wear while handling the meat. Please bring hot pads or oven gloves as the lids to the grills will be hot.

7. No garnishes will be provided. Please bring your own garnish IF you choose to garnish. Garnishing is NOT required in the Kidz Q’.


There will be only one age group. KCBS rules apply unless otherwise noted. Each entry submitted will consist of one cook only.

1. Ages 7-14 will cook hamburgers.

2. Each entry will receive 1 ½ pounds of raw hamburger.

3. At least ¾ of a pound of the pre-cooked weight of the meat must be submitted in the box that was given to you at check-in.

4. KCBS rules on garnish do NOT apply; there are no rules on garnish.


1. The child must do the preparation, cooking and presentation with only a small amount of adult help. If a child or adult is not comfortable with cutting or various dangerous tasks, a judge may be called in to grant permission of the supervising adult to help with the task. The child should be able to do most of the following with the above exceptions: Put his/her own meat on the grill, turn his/her own meat on the grill and take the meat off the grill, do most if the preparation and do all garnishing (nor required) by themselves.

2. The supervising adult should not be touching the food unless the child needs help with a dangerous tool that he/she does not feel comfortable with. This is a children’s cooking contest, not an adult one. Please make sure that a supervising adult is not caught handling the food and doing what the child is capable of doing. if a judge sees this there will be a verbal warning. Second time caught, the child and adult will be disqualified and asked to leave.

3. Handicapped children need not be eliminated from competition. Each handicapped child may be assisted by the supervising adult when needed. The handicapped child must ask their supervising adult, who may ask a judge, for permission to perform a task. The supervising adult should help as little as possible and will encourage the disabled child to complete as many tasks on their own as possible. Please let us know when registering if the child is handicapped so we may set up proper assistance and care.


1. All children will cook in a designated area on grills provided. Grills are property of the Sand Creek Summer Daze Festival and need to be left at the cook-site once complete.

2. A parent or guardian must be present with the child during the entire cooking competition and ONLY ONE assistant per child will be allowed in the cooking area. Our cooking space is limited and for safety reasons, we want to give the kids as much space between each other as possible. This one adult must stay within the cooking area with the child until the child has turned in his/her box. We suggest you bring a folding chair and sit back and watch your child cook.

3. Entries will be submitted in the numbered containers provided by the event sponsors.

5. Judging will be based on appearance, tenderness/texture and taste.

6. Judging ranges are from nine being the highest and one being the lowest.